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Hiking Amalfi Coast – Mesmerizing

So you have heard so much about the hiking trails on Amalfi Coast and have finally decided to explore them yourself. Perfect. It can truly be called the mecca of hikers. As you walk along the rocky turf taking in the spell binding and mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea, you will be transported to another world.

Hiking on the Amalfi Coast is a very pleasurable experience because of the pleasant weather all year round. Either you can wander off on your own and discover new trails or join any of the several hiking tours organised locally to explore the Amalfi coast.

Most popular trails

It’s time to embark on an once-in-a-lifetime walk. Let us look at some of the well-trodden and more popular trails on Amalfi Coast

Il Sentiero degli Dei

The most famous Path of the Gods, the Sentiero degli Dei is a well maintained trail which can give you nervous moments as you walk along very narrow paths with a sheer drop on one side. The weak at heart can avoid it. Scattered along the way are deserted farms and ruins of ancient buildings. Some of the finest and most spectacular views of the Coast and the mountains await the brave who dare the hike. It is moderately difficult and takes 4-5 hours to complete.

La Baia di Ieranto

Ieranto means sacred, and the place have a mystical aura around it, as it is surrounded by a mesmerizing vision of the blue sea. The trail starts at Nerano and showcases the beautiful Amalfi coastline as you proceed to the bay of Leranto. The pathway is lined by olive trees and carpeted by yellow brooms. A few old kilns along the way just heighten the charm. The total trail is around 6 km long and is moderately difficult and takes about 6 hours to complete.

Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella connects Sorrentine peninsula with the Amalfi Coast. Far more easier than the rest and of a shorter distance, this trail end at the extreme point of the Amalfi Coast and takes a mere 2 hours to complete.This is a relatively flat terrain with the sea on one side and vegetable farms on the other.

Il Santuario dell’Avvocata

Be ready for the arduous trek of 16 km that takes 6-7 hours to reach the summit of Monte Falesia – a good 800 meters above sea level. Those who venture on this trail are rewarded with some amazing sights as the path offers it all – steep steps, orchards and vineyards along the way and pure crystal clear water from the Acqua del Castagno spring.

La Torre dello Ziro

Another easy walk with a hint of mystery, this trail ends at the Torre dello Ziro, a fort believed to be haunted. Just 4-5 km long and it can be covered in 2 hours.

Il Vallone delle Ferriere

The Valley of ferns, another easy walk along the river Rio Canneto is a fascinating stretch, which is decorated by small rivulets and springs alongside the rapids and waterfalls. The trail ends in Amalfi and is just 6 km long.

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