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Naples Port Excursions – Five Places You Cannot Miss To Visit

With its myriad tourist attractions, the port of Naples is definitely the pride of Italy. Every year, thousands of people from across the globe, come here to witness the grandeur and elegance of this town in its prime form. If you are a tourist who is looking for diversity in your trips, Naples port excursions prove to be the perfect excuse for you. As you go past historic forts, monuments, cathedrals and other structures that bear glimpse of the royal monarchical rule even today, you cannot help but gape in wonder at the natural extravaganzas that are found at this single location. While undertaking a cruise tour to this part of the world, there are five places that you just cannot afford to miss. They are Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Capri, Mount Vesuvius and Herculaneum.


Located in south Italy, Pompeii contains the archaeological remnants from the historic eruption of Mount Vesuvius during 79CE. This place is a must-visit if you are a history lover. Situated in close proximity to the Bay of Naples, Pompeii is an integral part of all Naples cruise excursions.

Amalfi Coast

This 50km coastline is a ravishingly beautiful place in the Sorrentine Peninsula. Covered with a canopy of lemon groves and vineyards, the pristine waters of this place are abodes to lots of fishing villages. Wake up the adventurous side in you by climbing over the cliffs of this place, when you take up any of the Naples port excursions packages.


If you love caves and are an expert at cave expeditions, Capri is the right place for you. It is not without reason that Capri is an important tourist attraction in any Naples tour package. It is an island, which is known for its underwater cave and exotic sea life. Create some wonderful memories for life as you traverse through these underwater caves with the help of professional guidance.

Mount Vesuvius

Located in the Gulf of Naples, Mount Vesuvius is one of the important volcanoes in the Campanian Volcanic Arc. This is a place which attracts archaeology and history lovers from different parts of the world all through the year. Reaching the summit of this mountain (which is currently declared as a national park) and enjoying the panoramic view of the Bay of Naples, is an awe-inspiring sight, indeed.


It is one of the ancient Roman towns that were destroyed due to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. What we see today is the remnants of what was once a beautiful town built in authentic Roman style of architecture. From the marble beds, structure of houses, beds, floors etc. that were excavated here, it can be understood that Herculaneum was once was wealthy town.

If you want to enjoy the best of Naples within a particular time, you can take up any of these Naples port excursions  that are offered by authorised tour operators across the world. Visit these phenomenal places to be transported back into an historical era, so that you can truly appreciate their value.

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